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Bots as a permanent advertising tool


Automated accounts known as bots are a fundamental part of computational advertising campaigns and try to simulate and influence human behavior using computational scripts to produce content and interact on social media. Faced with the difficulty of identifying those responsible for these accounts, these opaque bots act as a “black box” for campaign funders and their operators.

This study aims to identify to what extent accounts classified as bots on Twitter perform longitudinally and polythematically . The analyses carried out showed relevant proportions of intersection between the bots that published in the different events analyzed. The recurrence of automated accounts in different political debates is an important indication that the same groups may be behind the campaigns of computational propaganda that permeate such debates in Brazilian Twitter.


How to cite: Débora Salles; R Marie Santini; Priscila Medeiros. BOTS COMO FERRAMENTA DE PROPAGANDA PERMANENTE: uma análise longitudinal da atuação de contas automatizadas no Twitter brasileiro. In: ANAIS DO 31° ENCONTRO ANUAL DA COMPÓS, 2022, Imperatriz. Anais eletrônicos... Campinas, Galoá, 2022.

Bots como ferramenta de propaganda permanente: uma análise longitudinal da atuação de cont
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