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Cultural Talks: ‘Environmental Disinformation’ is the topic of debate organized by Instituto Envolverde

Researcher talks about the disinformation industry and its consequences for the socio-environmental debate in Brazil

This Friday (24/03), the general coordinator of the Internet and Social Network Studies Laboratory at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (NetLab UFRJ), Débora Salles, took part in Cultural Talks, a project by Instituto Envolverde , which aims to debate issues about the environment with experts.

The online even on the theme “Fake News and the Environment” was held especially during Water Week, and was also attended by Reinaldo Canto, a journalist at Instituto Envolverde and André Borges, a reporter for the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo.

During her speech, Débora Salles explained how the lucrative disinformation system operates, bringing attention to the problems of the dissemination of false news about the environment in Brazil. In addition, Salles discussed the political issues surrounding the topic and reveals the far right as the creator of conspiratorial narratives related to socio-environmental issues in the country.

The experts ended the debate by coming to a consensus on the need for the Brazilian government to improve transparency in communication, in order to avoid the growth of disinformation in Brazil.

The event was broadcast live and is available on Facebook.


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