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Democracy Asks for Help: organizations call for the protection of online electoral integrity in 2022

Image related to the document ‘Democracia Pede Socorro’, signed by NetLab UFRJ and other organizations.

Given the context of disinformation about the 2022 elections, several civil society organizations have mobilized to raise awareness about protecting the democratic electoral process.

This is the aim of the document “Democracy calls for help”, authored by NetLab, in addition to dozens of organizations, collectives and institutes working on the subject. It proposes a set of recommendations to be adopted by digital platforms in order to guarantee the protection of individual and collective rights  in Brazil at the time of the elections.

Another point highlighted in the document's recommendations is that platforms should not allow the dissemination of content with unfounded allegations about electoral integrity, as has already been observed in several places around the world. The organizations also warn platforms that they should not contribute to the dissemination of attacks on the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) and other democratic institutions in Brazil.

The document points out that these measures should not be restricted to the electoral period, and need to be incorporated into the internal policies and daily practices of these companies.


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