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Director of NetLab UFRJ presents research on Socio-Environmental Disinformation at G20 Brazil event

Photo: Julia Santos/NetLab UFRJ

Between April 30th and May 1st, a Parallel Event entitled “Information Integrity” was held in São Paulo, promoted by the G20 Digital Economy Working Group. Over the two days, the hybrid event brought together experts from around the world to discuss disinformation, hate speech and threats to public institutions online.

The program also included thematic panels and discussion groups that sought to bring together different perspectives to debate information in the digital world.

Rose Marie Santini, director of the Internet and Social Media Studies Laboratory at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro sat on the panel “Information integrity as a foundation for the fight against climate change” and presented the paper "The Ecosystem of Socio-environmental Disinformation in Brazil". The NetLab UFRJ study maps narratives and disinformation strategies that have contributed to the delegitimization of social movements, attacks on socio-environmental defenders and violence against indigenous peoples.

The event also takes place in line with UNESCO's World Press Freedom Day, for which there will be a Global Conference in Santiago, Chile, from the 2nd to the 4th of May. It will bring together global leaders in communication and related topics, highlighting the theme of integrity of information related to climate change, hosting discussions that will include contributions from this international seminar. NetLab also participated in the conference on the panel “Disinformation and Anti-Press Campaign”.

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