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Google and Telegram abused their economic power in campaigns against PL 2630

Desinformante - February 1, 2024

The Federal Police concluded, in the investigation that investigated the campaign against PL 2630/2020, that Google and Telegram abused their economic power in the attacks they made in May 2023 against the bill that seeks to regulate the activities of digital platforms in the country.

“In view of the evidence gathered during the investigation of the incidents in question, it is clear that large technology companies, namely Google Brasil and Telegram Brasil, adopted impactful and questionable strategies contrary to the approval of Bill No. 2,630/2020,” said the delegate Fábio Fajngold at the conclusion of the investigation.

“This action, based on its dominant position in the market, aimed to protect its economic interests, leaving advertisers and consumers vulnerable,” he continued. For the delegate, the companies' actions “not only question commercial ethics, but demonstrate abuse of economic power, manipulation of information and possible violations against the consumerist order”.

The investigation was launched in June last year by order of Alexandre de Moraes and to prevent investigations into fake news and digital militias. The determination was made after criminal representation presented by the Attorney General's Office and criminal news sent by the president of the Chamber of Deputies, deputy Arthur Lira.

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A guerra das plataformas contra o PL 2630 - NetLab 2023
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