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Innovation networks: the challenge of knowledge and learning for sustainable development

Informação & Informação

Innovation is currently considered one of the main engines of world economic growth. It is understood, from this point of view, that the advances resulting from innovative processes are a basic factor in forming patterns of transformation in the economy and its sustainable development.

The objective of this study it to discuss the value of information, knowledge and learning in technological and organizational innovation. From a literature review, which favors a neo-Schumpeterian point of view on the subject, we trace the current socio-technical-economic context of the information society to analyze the importance of production, dissemination and use of knowledge and learning in new arrangements and innovative productive processes.

The acquisition of new skills and knowledge is a key factor for the innovative process, which only occurs in the presence of stimuli for the formation of knowledge networks composed of different agents. This aspect emphasizes the role of the State in coordinating and maintaining long-term industrial and economic policies.

National innovation systems constitute a necessary relationship network for firms to innovate. Innovation policies are crucial for enhancing the competitiveness of a country, region or company.


How to cite: Santini, R. M. (2016). Redes de inovação tecnológica: o desafio do conhecimento e do aprendizado para o desenvolvimento sustentável. Informação & Informação, 21(1), 542-572.


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