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LED Festival 2023 discusses the power of digital advertising and its consequences today

Experts debate the harmful effects of disinformation on the first day of the event | Photo: Alice Venturi

In its second edition, the LED Festival – Light on Education took place between the 16th and 17th of June, with a shared program held between the Museum of Tomorrow and the Museum of Art of Rio (MAR), both located in the Central Region of Rio de Janeiro.

On the first day of the event, one of the most anticipated attractions was the panel “Fact or Fake: How to Survive in the Age of Disinformation?”, mediated by the journalist Natuza Nery, with the participation of the director of NetLab UFRJ, Marie Santini; the president of the Open Word Institute, Patricia Blanco; and the co-executive director of Olabi and founder of PretaLab, Sil Bahia.

The purpose of the debate was to address the issue of digital disinformation and its influence in today's society, raising provocations and new perspectives on the noise generated by false information and the damage it brings to democracy. During the discussion, the participants also highlighted the role of online advertising and the power of its influence.

Professor Marie Santini stressed the importance of regulating the functioning of digital platforms in view of the harmful potential of disinformation circulating online. According to Santini, transparency measures are key to making technology companies equally responsible for combating this and other problems in the virtual environment.

“I see miraculous treatments in the fight against diabetes, for example, in which they encourage people to continue eating sugar. It kills. Not to mention what we went through collectively in the pandemic, when we watched disinformation in real time. Regulation is critical so platforms can combat this,” she commented.

Audience record

The diversity of knowledge brightened the 2023 LED Festival, which broke its record in audience numbers this year by bringing together six thousand people hoping to join in the conversation on the future of education, in addition to workshops and other activities aimed at fun and entertainment.

In a more intimate setting, MAR received lectures on new approaches and innovative methodologies in the universe of education, while the Museum of Tomorrow had a broader and less specific program for those who work in the area, also focusing on behaviors, trends and inspirational content.

Totally free of charge, the event received several nationally and internationally recognized personalities and specialists, promoting interdisciplinary activities that involve and interest society as a whole.

The complete schedule was recorded and is available on the Globoplay platform.


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