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NetLab UFRJ researchers participate in a workshop on disinformation at UC Chile

NetLab UFRJ researchers present data on biased advertisements and manipulation of media education | Image: Reprodução - Instagram @fcomuc

On August 22, the School of Communication at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile received Marie Santini and Márcio Borges, researchers from the Laboratory of Internet and Social Network Studies at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (NetLab UFRJ), for the workshop “Media versus Fake News: An Analysis of the Economy of Disinformation”. Also present at the meeting were Chilean specialists Pablo Matamoros and Javier Sanfeliú.

Held in partnership with the National Television Association of Chile, the event focused on the issue of disinformation, from which the main reflections on the challenges present in today's world, especially in Latin America, were raised.

The lecture presented, 'Killing the Messenger: The Permanent Anti-Press Campaign in Brazil', was based on a case study by NetLab UFRJ on one of the largest audiovisual companies in the country, which produces revisionist and conservative content, as well as discourse attacking the legacy media. According to the research, this strategy is essential in order to meet ideological and financial interests.


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