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Oxford Internet Institute welcomes NetLab researchers to the ‘Internet Politics & Policy’ Conference

NetLab UFRJ researchers present study on the use of ‘bots’ in political campaigns | Photo: Reproduction

The team from the Laboratory of Internet Studies and Social Network at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (NetLab UFRJ) participated, between the 20th and 21st of September, in the conference ‘The Internet, Policy & Politics’, held by the Internet Institute of Oxford, England.

The group presented the study “Online Impersonators: Who are They and What do They do? A Bot Ethnography on Rio de Janeiro's 2016 Municipal Elections”, a netnography about the performance of ‘bots’ on Twitter, which analyzes how automated profiles have been used in political campaigns.

With the theme “Long Live Democracy?”, the event promoted debates on the current challenges and opportunities for democratic processes in a digital world, bringing together academics, social leaders, organizations and other groups interested in the topic.

‘The Internet, Policy & Politics’ (IPP) academic conference series is held biennially in collaboration with the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) permanent group.


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