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Pro-coup ads in the Meta library: November 2022 to January 2023

In the wake of the anti-democratic acts that led to the invasion of the Praça dos Três Poderes on January 08, 2023, we conducted searches on Meta's ad library interface between January 24 and 26 for coup-related ads.

By coup, we refer to pieces that openly contest Lula's victory in the 2022 elections, raise doubts about the integrity of the electoral process and the electronic ballot boxes, call for military intervention, call on, encourage or incite demonstrators to participate in acts in front of army barracks or any other protests that might intend to alter or question the outcome of the elections.

We found 185 ads with coup-related content that were aired on Meta's platforms.

We found, therefore, that Meta's stated efforts to remove anti-democratic content and content attacking Brazilian institutions and the electoral process were insufficient in the post-election period.

Pro-Coup Ads in the Meta Ads Library
Download PDF • 6.40MB


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