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Scientific social networks and AI: a systematic review applied to pattern recognition

Brazilian Journal of Development

This article seeks to carry out a Systematic Review in order to verify studies in the area of Recognition and Patterns with Scientific Social Networks involving the studies of scientists.

The Systematic Review method was chosen due to its methodological consolidation in carrying out more rigorous searches in databases. As a result, nine articles were found, and only two of them presented work related to the central research question.


How to cite: Sombra, T. R., Santini, R. M., Morais, E. C., Couto, W. O., de Jesus Zissou, A., da Silva Campos, P. S., ... & Chase, O. A. (2020). Redes socias científicas e inteligência artificial–uma revisão sistemática aplicada a reconhecimento de padrões. Brazilian Journal of Development, 6(3), 9957-9970.


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