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Technical memo: the urgency of transparency regarding the governance of digital platforms such as “X” (ex-Twitter) in Brazil

The relationship between transnational digital platforms and government organizations in the countries where they operate is an important topic in the debate on governance and sovereignty. More recently, controversies between the company X (ex-Twitter) and the Brazilian State have dominated the agenda of the debate on public and private policies on access to data, moderation and governance of digital platforms.

Since the first publication, part of the public debate about the case known as “Twitter Files Brazil” and Musk's accusations against representatives of the Brazilian State have been based on distorted information. This technical note aims to elucidate key points about the asymmetry and precariousness of the conditions offered on platforms such as X/Twitter for access to essential data for scientific and legal investigations. We highlight X/Twitter's practices and policies in Brazil, based on what the company has made available in the country in the past and what it currently offers in other countries.

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Nota Técnica - A Urgência de Transparência sobre a Governança de Plataformas Digitais como
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