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The risks and opportunities of the new technological 'gold rush': NetLab researcher discusses the AI scenario in Brazil

Logo of the G20 event in Brazil

This Thursday (02/05) Fernando Ferreira, researcher from the Internet and Social Network Studies Laboratory at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (NetLab UFRJ) participated in the online debate G20 Brazil, an initiative O GLOBO, Valor Econômico and CBN, created to encourage discussion on the agenda in the forum.

The live broadcast “Artificial Intelligence (AI): the risks and opportunities of the new technological 'gold rush” was attended by the Minister of Science and Technology, Luciana Santos, who currently coordinates the subgroup focused on AI of the Digital Economy GT in the G20. Furthermore, the conversation was moderated by Juliana Causin (O GLOBO) and brought in tech specialist, Bruno Bioni (Data Privacy Brasil).

In the broadcast, participants discussed the risks and possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The NetLab UFRJ representative presented a general overview of the subject in Brazil, pointing out more pertinent aspects surrounding the issue, such as the need for technology regulation, especially after the rapid evolution of generative AI.

Watch the debate


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