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The war of the platforms against PL 2630

Google, Meta, Spotify and Brasil Paralelo advertise and run ads against PL 2630 (Fake News Bill) but in an opaque way and circumventing their own terms of use. This may constitute an abuse of economic power on the eve of the bill's vote by trying to impact public opinion and the votes of parliamentarians.

Platforms are using all possible resources to prevent the approval of PL 2630 because what is at stake are billions raised with digital advertising that currently do not have any rules, restrictions or transparency obligations, leaving advertisers and consumers vulnerable to their economic interests.

If PL 2630 (Fake News Bill) is not approved, the big techs manage to maintain the regulatory asymmetry that exists in the market and, therefore, maintain their competitive advantages over other media that also rely on advertising.

The war of the platforms against the PL 2630 - NetLab 2023
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