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VI Compolitica Meeting invites NetLab UFRJ to present research on media analysis of 2013 protests

Logo of the 6th edition of Compolitica

Bringing together academics and multidisciplinary specialists from various parts of Brazil, the 6th edition of Compolítica, held at PUC-Rio, presented research in the areas of communication, democracy, political culture and public opinion.

The 2015 congress used Working Groups (WGs) as a dynamic for the meetings.  WG5, Communication and Civil Society, discussed an article by the Internet and Social Media Studies Laboratory at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (NetLab UFRJ) entitled “The 'tipping point' of the June 2013 protests in Brazil: an analysis of the role of old and new media in politics today”. The research was developed by authors Rose Marie Santini, Rafael Rezende, Danilo Silva, Camyla Terra, Heloísa Traiano, Kenzo Soares, Marcela Orlandis, Tulio Brasil and Clara Rescala.

The article analyzes the relationships between the use of social media in online mobilization and mainstream media coverage of the protests in Brazil in 2013, and what the impact is on society. At the end of the presentation, trends were highlighted in the emerging dynamics of social organization that may describe the role of old and new media in contemporary politics.


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