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R. Marie Santini

Founder and Director


Rose Marie Santini is a professor at the School of Communication at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), working on undergraduate, master's and doctoral programmes. She is a research member of the European VOX-Pol Network of Excellence, funded by the European Union's 7th Framework Programme (FP7) and focuses on researching the prevalence, contours, functions and impacts of Violent Online Political Extremism.

She is the founder and director of Netlab (UFRJ's Laboratory for Internet and Social Network Studies), which carries out research, teaching and outreach activities between the university and civil society on the phenomenon of disinformation in Brazil and around the world.

She has research experience in the areas of Communication and Information, with an emphasis on Internet and Social Network Studies. She works mainly on the following topics: algorithmic curation and online recommendation systems; manipulation and disinformation on social networks; social bots; computational propaganda; behaviour and manipulation of public opinion.

She is the author of the books "The Algorithm of Taste" - volumes 1 and 2 - published in 2020, as well as dozens of scientific articles in national and international journals. As Principal Investigator, she leads the research projects "Opinion machines: computational propaganda, contagion and disinformation in online social networks" and "The media ecosystem dynamic regarding environmental issues, land use, indigenous people's rights and support for climate policies in Brazil" and "Computational Propaganda, Disinformation and the Digital Influence Industry".

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